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How We Grow A Sustainable Business: 6-Step Growth Process

Stanley Ip Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking Process Growth Hacking Process is a scientific and engineering approach to grow a business. First thing first, you need to understand the basic concept and overview of Growth Hacking which I have done Growth Hacking 101 in another post. Click Here to Learn More.   Let’s summarize Growth Hacking is basically a 7-Stage

Customer Value Optimization: How We Build an Unstoppable Business

customer value optimization

We have been serving hundreds of clients and we found a winning digital marketing system.  This post is here to share you the secret: How To Build An Unstoppable Business The System It’s the same system Starbucks and McDonald’s have used to corner the coffee and hamburger markets.  It’s the same system Amazon uses to dominate

How We Convert Complete Strangers to Superfans: Customer Value Journey

customer value journey

Customer Value Journey It is essential for successful businesses to consider. However, for most of the businesses, they are making a common mistake by ignoring their Customer Value Journey. Instead, they all fall into another journey: Exhausting Business Journey.    Let’s take Tom as an example.   He is a T-shirt store owner with an ecommerce